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8 Great AI - Powered Knowledge Discovery Platforms [Humata AI, Sharly AI,, Pigro AI]

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

We have sifted through our toolkit and daily essentials to bring you a list of the top 8 "completely free" AI-powered knowledge discovery platforms I'm currently utilizing in 2023.

These platforms will:

  1. Enhance your productivity and efficiency.

  2. Empower you to uncover valuable insights and opportunities.

  3. Elevate your knowledge discovery experience.

Enjoy! 😊

Traditional search engines will be killed, over time. For example, Wipro and Ontotext's collaborative AI powered knowledge discovery solution boosts knowledge management efficiency by 30-fold. Also

>75% time reduction

>60% effort savings due to workflow automation

>30-fold increase in efficient knowledge management AI - Powered Knowledge Discovery platform (

Screenshot of the Humata AI website
Humata AI is a top Player in AI powered knowledge discovery apps

Humata ai, AI Powered Knowledge Discovery platform, made to make difficult data analysis procedures simpler. Powered by ChatGPT, you can interact with your files, pose questions, and get prompt responses.

Humata AI, the Austin-based startup, announced on Monday, October 2nd, 2023, that it had raised $3.5 million in funding, with the support of M13, ARK Invest, and Gradient Ventures of Google.

Screenshot of the PDF.AI Website
PDF.AI makes it easy to chat woth any PDF document

This software gives users a safe and dependable platform to access their data.

It has an easy-to-use interface for easy navigation and customization, and it has a wide range of features to meet the needs of different users.

Screenshot of the website
Sharly makes it easy to chat with your content is another AI - Powered Knowledge Discovery Platform.

Sharly's versatile utility extends beyond the realm of legal and tax documents. Its adeptness at streamlining and distilling intricate textual materials has the potential to bring about transformative advancements across a wide spectrum of domains, encompassing healthcare and consumer products among others. The moment has arrived to usher in a new era of lucidity within complexity.

Screenshot of the website
ChatDOC makes chatting with documents easy and also offers cited answers

ChatDOC, an AI Powered Knowledge discovery tool used for text analysis, swiftly extracts, identifies, and condenses data from files. It excels in comprehending various document elements, including text, tables, and images, allowing users to query multiple documents concurrently (up to 30).

ChatDOC provides page references for precision validation and empowers users to select specific content for inquiries, offering both comprehensive and specific query capabilities. It caters to legal professionals, journalists, and business analysts, facilitating rapid data extraction and summary generation. It distinguishes itself from competing software by offering page references for verification and multi-document querying abilities.


Screenshot of the website is the chatGPT for documents is an advanced AI Powered Knowledge discovery software solution designed to facilitate seamless document search, ensuring users find precise data efficiently. This tool boasts an intuitive interface and a robust search engine, rapidly scanning documents for pinpoint results. As indicated on the site, it seamlessly integrates ChatGPT, significantly expediting information retrieval.

Tailored for legal professionals, entrepreneurs, and HR departments, it offers a dependable and secure means to swiftly produce legal documents, contracts, and employment terms, bolstering productivity and efficiency.

Screenshot of the Pigro website
Pigro makes it easy for people to access organizational documentation

Pigro is a cutting-edge AI-powered knowledge discovery platform designed to enhance information retrieval for businesses and organizations. It adeptly dissects a variety of document types, such as office files, PDFs, HTML, and plain text in multiple languages. Pigro goes beyond mere keyword searches by generating and matching potential queries, employing semantic analysis to present only the most pertinent text excerpts that address the user's inquiry.

The platform boasts an impressive 10% accuracy improvement compared to alternatives in the market. Pigro caters to diverse professions, making it an invaluable resource for journalists in quest of press release details, HR specialists exploring job descriptions, and marketers scouring customer feedback.

Screenshot of the website lets you upload documents and questions around it.

PandaGPT is a cutting-edge AI Powered Knowledge discovery platform designed to efficiently process documents, leveraging the capabilities of chatGPT. As per the official website, it delivers a secure file management solution, streamlining the user journey and offering extensive customization possibilities for tailoring the platform to individual requirements. Its versatility caters to business professionals, data analysts, and project managers, enabling time-saving, data analysis, and simplified project document management.

PandaGPT distinguishes itself from peers through its intuitive interface, diverse customization features, and a protected file storage and access platform, ensuring a unique user experience.

The website
Brainypdf is a platform that lets you chat with any pdf

BrainyPDF is an AI-driven PDF chatbot that enables natural language interactions with PDF documents.

It offers concise summaries and valuable insights, utilizing advanced natural language processing techniques to enhance your comprehension of document content, facilitating effortless information extraction.

This innovative solution harnesses AI-powered capabilities to augment your document analysis effortlessly.

How can CAW Studios help you build solutions like this?

CAW Studios can assist in developing AI-powered knowledge discovery applications by leveraging their expertise in artificial intelligence and software development. They offer comprehensive services, including data collection, preprocessing, and modeling. Their team can create custom machine learning algorithms to extract insights from vast datasets, enabling efficient knowledge discovery. They also provide user-friendly interfaces and integration options for seamless user experiences. CAW Studios combines cutting-edge AI technologies with a deep understanding of data processing, making them a valuable partner for building solutions that empower users to uncover valuable insights and knowledge within their data.

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